Powering AI applications in Sports


From post-game analysis, in-game activity to fan experiences, AI, especially deep learning, has involved profoundly in the sport industry. According to research, the AI segment in the sports industry is expected to reach 19.2B USD in value by 2030. For the sport industry, one of key challenges for data is they are heavily dependent on the sport camera systems, which varies greatly due to the positioning, angle, hardware, and other shooting setups differ significantly from sport to sport, and even within the same match.
Therefore, labeling data for sports will require an experienced annotator team to handle different complicated sport situations in accordance with camera setting variations. TagOn has built a large base of annotators with constant self-trainings to ensure data labeling qualification. By being trained with diverse scenarios, the rich-experienced teams guarantee to cover the sport-data challenges by delivering high-quality labeling results of all situations. By that, TagOn helps to elaborate AI development in the sports industry.

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