Report: Revising And Viewing AI Predictions For Business In The 2022

AI predictions for Business in 2022

For every industry, the year 2022 has been a tremendous time of recovery, especially for the AI sector. Our Report of “AI predictions for Business in 2022” is here to highlight current business AI trends, company priorities, and issues for companies to quickly grasp the key information of the AI race.

What is the AI predictions for Business in the 2022 Report?

The AI predictions for Business in 2022 Report is a summary of research & articles from business executives, managers, and practitioners made up of data scientists, engineers, and developers from small to large organizations across multiple industries. This report compiled comments from AI decision-makers in order to determine the major variables as well as predict the trends that will influence the field of AI and businesses.

The AI predictions for Business in the 2022 Report Executive Summary

In 2022, artificial intelligence will be on its way to becoming the most transformational technology humanity has ever created. The 2-year pandemic has acted as a catalyst for rapid adoption of technology and automation, bringing all the developments of AI, analytics, and decision sciences to the forefront. Indeed, nearly all (95 percent) of CIOs, CTOs, and technology leaders polled by IEEE agreed that AI will drive the majority of innovation in practically every industry sector over the next one to five years.

With the aim to help businesses and practitioners capture the AI landscape, this report provides the reader with rich insights about industry trends, a holistic view of the state of AI based on inputs from leading practitioners across diverse industries. Here’s TagOn pick of the key trends where those breakthroughs will occur in 2022:

  1. Language ai will fuel the next wave of technology
  2. Data and data strategies are at the center of ai business
  3. MLops: the operational key success for scaling up the AI/ML business
  4. Ai becomes more affordable with greater performing
  5. No-code ai will change the business
  6. Responsible ai will come to practical with operationalized set of practices
  7. Ai to drive creativity in the metaverse 

Who will benefit from the AI predictions for business in the 2022 report?

This report will benefit both AI business leaders and practitioners. They may use this report as a roadmap for their own AI growth and development on a yearly basis, gaining vital information into the present structure and technology efforts being implemented. This will enable them to develop their own strategies for the future year as well as be used by media outlets to discuss forthcoming trends

How Can You Get the Report?

Our AI predictions for business in the 2022 report is available to download right now. You can download the report here