Quality Management

Hyper-growth with Comprehensive Quality Management


The ability to ensure consistent quality on a large scale is in our DNA. We possess a streamlined effective QA process, which combines experienced human reviewers and auto-review systems to improve model performance and drive successful projects

Quality Control

Benchmarking techniques
Attain the highest accuracy by applying industry-standard - benchmarking - to compare annotation results with determined answers. By defining clear metrics that catalyze rapid algorithms, TagOn benchmarking systems guarantee the shortest evaluation time with minimizing error-prone results.

Quality Control

Auto-scoring systems
By developing the Auto-scoring system, we provide a real-time evaluation for entrance tests and for your annotation projects. Applying the recurrent framework for items in the annotation batches, TagOn assures delivering the most accurate annotation review results in the shortest time. Auto-scoring systems handle repetitive and time-consuming QA tasks of flawlessly any-amount data while saving you time and increasing ROI

Human Resource Management

Leveraging crowd-sourcing systems with best-in-class people management capabilities, we ensure infinite connection for infinite business scalability. TagOn provides multiple crowd options to easily facilitate our customers’ needs of labeling a myriad of training data use cases.

Thoroughly standardized QA process

Conducting in-depth assessments for your data projects with a streamlined multi-stage review. Each stage of the process will involve communication and feedbacks between team members to enhance the performance

(1) Entrance test to ensure annotator quality

(2) Real-time automated system to evaluate and score test results

(3) Reviewing with feedbacks

(4) Skillful crowd-sourcing annotators label in accordance with Requestor requirements

(5) Reviewing with feedbacks

(6) Second-round review with additional comments

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