Model Validation

Scale-up with confidence with excellent model performances
Confidently grow your projects by precisely validating and monitoring any-size datasets. Improving your model performances with top-drawer failure detections, analyses, data visualizations,...
AI Model Validation

Identify model output failures

Precisely detect vast amounts of data and classes that lead to model errors by coordinating annotators’ review and TagOn error metrics. By identifying your model failures, TagOn helps to discover the growth hindrance to your projects as well as your business.

Correct ML outputs of any volumes

Once you have trained your initial ML model, it is a must to verify and curate the outputs to quickly feedback for retraining. TagOn assists you in mitigating failures of your large-scale ML outputs by pixel-perfectly correcting false model prediction, allowing your ML to achieve better performance at scale.

Gain ML performance insights with visualized analysis for a healthy expansion

Besides curating your ML outputs, we also provide additional actionable information & insights into your model and projects. TagOn gathers customized model insights and presents with visualized analysis to easily track model performance, optimize time, costs, data quality, and finally attain healthy organizational growth.

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