Dataset Management

Dataset Management Tool

Control ML Datasets to Maximize the Operational Efficiency


An all-in-one platform to securely handle all your unstructured data. Achieve hyper-growth by managing all your projects and collaborating with your team seamlessly on TagOn.

Support ample types of input

Import data at speed from every source, with every format and to support every annotation project
Data Sources: AWS, Google Drive, Project on TagOn, etc
Data Format: COCO, YOLO,...
Annotation Project types supported: Image & Video Annotation,
Audio Annotation, Text Annotation, LiDAR Annotation

Achieve organizational seamlessness with dataset management tools

Dealing with an extensive amount of data is no longer a pain in the neck with our thoroughly orchestrated workflows and fully-automated storage, dataset management tools. Once your data is synced seamlessly through our cloud system, we will provide all-exclusive managing tools to explore, search, sort, versioning and query your data at item levels.

Extract data insights with visualized analytics dashboard

Get full transparency and insights into your data to achieve data-driven optimization. TagOn measures and analyzes fully your datasets then displays all the status, performance, and project progress with slices and visualizations on the analytics dashboard

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