Data Collection

Infinite data to skyrocket the business
Seize on our worldwide-coverage high-skilled annotators, we collect and generate ample ground-truth data for Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision Solutions, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition,...

Diverse types of data for scaling-up & out

Utilizing our huge pool of 100K+ diversified annotators to deliver large-scale data collection of all types: Image & Video, Audio, Text,... to scale your projects in both quantity & quality.
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    Image & Video Collection

    Going beyond public image & video datasets, we collect data for Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition with multiple methods and sources, custom according to your requirements
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    Text Collection

    Mining textual data of any types: Documents, EHR Data & Physician Dictation Transcripts, Handwritten Transcription, Text Messages, etc from a holistic user base with diverse demographics and settings
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    Speech Collection

    By conducting thorough linguistic and cultural research, we deliver best-in-class audio data in a variety of languages, dialects, contexts and environments

Automated data validation tools to ensure data quality

While data replication is the bottleneck of data collecting, our system embeds quality and verification tools for all kinds of data to handle data quality assurance, ensuring excellence for any-volume data collection.

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