Data Annotation

Exhaustive Annotation Services for exponential growth
Built to help you attain your organizational excellence at greater data volumes, TagOn provides top-notch Annotation Toolsets that support 16 types of data labeling projects including image, video, audio, text, LiDAR,…

Hyper-diverse Annotation services for any kind of projects

Deploying large-scale projects effortlessly with our all-spectrum Annotation Toolsets across 16 types of projects, from Object Detection, Audio Classification to LiDAR Annotation,...

Automatic Labeling Tools for scaling-up with more accuracy in less time

Saving execution time with integrating AI-assisted models for TagOn Automatic Labeling Tools before engaging human annotators.

Infinitely scalable workforce to deliver high-quality data annotation

Taking advantage of the crowdsourcing platform, TagOn ensures great numbers of high-skilled annotators can be recruited at speed to meet your scaling-up requirements

Level-up your project with comprehensive Annotation Process

Our fully-automated platform offers seamless project and crowd management to provide high transparency into your workflow and simple interactions for an organizationally effective iteration loop

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