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TagOn is a powerful Data Labeling Platform for all types of AI developments
A Scaling-up solution for AI Data Labeling
A Scaling-up solution for AI Data Labeling
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    To fuel the growth of game-changing companies in the scaling-up race so they can positively transform the whole AI landscape.
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    Provide advanced Annotation services for data labeling, validating, collecting and Data management tools across 16 types of data projects
  • 50 +
    A specialized team which is greatly experienced in process optimization, individual project solutions and full-dedicated for the development of AI
  • 20 K +
    Skilled annotators from across the world, deliver high-quality results, allow businesses to efficiently label data at scale
  • 15 +
    Requestors in the need of scaling up the businesses with data labeling projects, assign via TagOn platform
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