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Smarter AI Faster scaling-up

Accelerate your AI developments with TagOn advanced data labeling platform for all types of projects.
TagOn - A scaling-up solution for AI data labeling

What we offer

The scaling-up engine for your business

Boosting scalability is the very core of our business. We serve your goal of robustly scaling up your AI business by providing

Data Services

We bring an end-to-end Data Solution, tailor-made for all kinds of scaling-up data labeling projects and all kinds of businesses
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    Data Collection

    Collect and generate ground-truth data of any type, from any source, and at any amount
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    Data Annotation

    An all-encompassing Annotation Solution that supports all types of projects with high accuracy
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    Model Validation

    Evaluate, detect data bias, validate model outputs at speed to boost model performances

Self-managed Platform

We provide advanced tools and platform for you to take full control over the deployment and security configurations.
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    Dataset Management Tools

    Bring your datasets, label, data insights altogether with cutting-edge search, query, versioning, data visualization tools
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    Smart Annotation Tools

    Integrating both automatic & human-powered tools to hasten annotation projects with time and cost-effectiveness

How we help your business

Seize the scaling-up opportunity

It is our mission to help you conquer the scaling-up challenges. By making the most of data, technologies, and human expertise, we give you the confidence to deploy large training AI model projects.
  • Cost-effectiveness when scaling-up

    We offer economies of scale by leveraging local labor & crowdsourcing systems + 80% more efficient managing cost when expanding.
  • Consistent dataset quality at scale

    Guarantee data quality of any amount by providing skilled annotators & cutting edge annotation tools.
  • Speed booster for expansion

    Streamlined, 24/7-available solutions to help optimize 75% operation time when scaling up, resulting in a speed-up for your projects to quickly grasp the market.
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Who we serve

AI scaling-up solutions across all industries

Employing the crowdsourcing system, TagOn ensures expert-annotator teams available for a voluminous range of industries to hasten the deployment of AI.